Complete Massage Therapy Services

When you come to Arina’s Massage Therapy in Chicago, IL, you’ll find complete massage therapy services you won’t find anywhere else. Our talented masseuses will help ease the tension from your body. You will walk out of your spa relaxed and rejuvenated, feeling better than you have in years. Browse through our list of therapies below and choose the one that works for you.

                 MASSAGE Types Offered Include:

      Out- Call (HOTEL & HOME) Massage Services                                                   


                                    75 / 90 / 120 min


                        In-Call  Massage Services

Swedish Massage is considered the most common form of massage and uses firm pressure to promote relaxation, relieve muscle aches and improve circulation.


                                60 /75 / 90 min

Sports Massage reduces pain, promotes relaxation and prevents injury in athletes.

Deep Connective Tissue Massage uses slow strokes and intense pressure. This relieves the patient of chronic tension and knots.


                               75 / 90 / 120 min

Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage reduces stress, anxiety, aching muscles and depression.


                                      60 / 75 / 90 min

Thai Massage-stretches and loosens the body, often through the assumption of yoga-like stances.

                           $155.00 - $175.00

                                 75 / 90 min

Couples (Swedish) Massage is a special experience just for the two of you!


                                       60 / 75 / 90 min

Reflexology (Feet/Hands/Ears, Scalp/Neck Treatment) helps you feel the stress melt away as we stimulate and deeply massage your scalp and neck.


                                      60 / 75 / 90 min

Prenatal Massage - $165.00 / 75 min

Cupping Massage can be used on the neck, shoulders, back, hip, abdomen, thigh, upper arms, calves, and in some cases even the forehead or the soles of the feet, depending on the condition. The sensation of cupping is often characterized as deeply warm and relaxing. Many people find it profoundly relaxing. It releases rigid soft tissue and stubborn knots. Contracted, tense and painful muscle tissue will soften quickly with just a few minutes of cupping.

                             $135.00/$155.00/ $175.00

                                         60 / 75 / 90 min