Arina’s Massage Therapy in Chicago, IL offers several options for facials, including deep pore cleansing, oxygen facials and men’s facials.

Petite Facial

A perfect opportunity to visibly refresh your skin. Includes as exfoliating scrub and face massage.
30 Minutes, $45 & Up

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

A steam treatment opens the skin then deep pore cleaning is applied.
1 Hour, $95

Oxygen Facial

Extremely beneficial in the treatment of acne or clogged pores.
Note: skin will appear red for several hours
1 Hour, $95

Classic Facial

Relax and enjoy a deep cleansing of your skin followed by a refining and moisturizing treatment. Your skin will have a replenished healthy flow. Includes an exfoliating scrub, peeling, soothing mask and face massage. Hand and foot restore provided.
1 Hour, $85

Chamomile Modeling Facial

Ideal for clients with very sensitive skin or allergic skin conditions. Soothing chamomile, seaweed and aloe vera extracts combine to reduce skin inflammation, regenerate cells and strengthen the skin’s natural immune system. Your skin will feel hydrated and refreshed.
80 Minutes, $120  

Man for All Seasons

A deep cleansing facial designed specifically for the special skin care needs of a man.
45 Minutes, $75

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